Whats the biz? (it means what's up)

TS Top 5: Lindsay Lohan Movies #1
Mean Girls (2004)
A film that is ‘Almost Too Gay To Function’ but has enough out of body random scene’s and hot girls running around shouting ‘look at me’ that makes this film actually quite ‘Fetch’. Whether you’re an adult wanting to gain some closure on high school or just laugh at the young of today or a kid just trying to survive the twisted society that is high school, see this film. Lindsay Lohan’s role in Mean Girls was not only one of the best roles she played, but it also became one of the most iconic roles in modern movie history. Mean Girls is not your average comedy. It’s better than an average teenaged comedy. It’s script (although it can be cheesy at times) and story make it funnier than expected. The story follows Cady, a 16 year old who has up to now been home schooled all of her life … in Africa. She moves to the US and soon finds herself falling in with the girls too cool for school, the ‘plastics’. A boy is introduced and all out war follows as the girls battle to be the Queen Bee. The cast are well chosen, and they are all funny in their respective roles. The characters are, while somewhat cliched, pretty great and diverse. Lindsay is on great form, instantly likable as Cady and believable both as a regular girl and a “regulation hottie”. As Regina, Rachel McAdams creates a memorable High School tyrant, malicious, power mad and cruel but not entirely virtue free. She’d screw you over in a heartbeat if you stepped on her turf. There are many important high school themes addressed here, but what really helps Mean Girls stand out is its straight-forward and powerful message to stop the gossipy bitchy attitude that pollutes modern high school society. It’s quite sad that this is how girls actually are in this modern day and time. It’s no masterpiece but then again, that’s the point. It’s pretty awesome for what it is. A decent, easy to watch bit of fun fluff that can be quite intense and quirky at times. This highly successful movie just celebrated its 10-year anniversary. The movie is said to be in talks to film a reunion with the original cast. Overall a very good piece of work from all concerned. If you like teen movies then you’ll find this a very good one. If you don’t, well hold your nose and try it anyway, you might be pleasantly surprised!… Also, I always wished I had a math teacher as hot and funny as Tina Fey TS.

TS Top 5: Lindsay Lohan Movies #2
Freaky Friday (2003)
What should have been a bland Disney remake has somehow ended up as one of Disney’s most satisfying live-action family comedy films. I thoroughly enjoyed it and well put-together explaining individual mind-frame and it works. I am sure we easily judge into other people’s positive and negative attitudes, but unless we put ourselves into their shoes, we will never know. Hence this film takes us into the journey of a daughter and mother who have complete different personalities. After a while, the daughter and mother switch “only” bodies (via some weird Chinese magic), by which they realize each others “actual life”. Tess is the stereotypical anal retentive mother, but Curtis instills a strong sense of power and determination into her character giving her more dimensions beyond the concept of the strict uptight mother. Curtis can act, which is a plus, so when she’s being annoying to the character of Anna, she’s never really annoying to the audience. Lindsay Lohan plays the cliché whiny dramatic rebellious daughter but instills a sense of originality and innovation into the character of Anna. Lohan was great in “Parent Trap” but she’s even better in this. Curtis is great as Anna and is just hilarious, especially in the opening scenes to which she goes crazy at how much she’s aged, while Lohan is great pretending to be Tess showing her anal quirks, uptight mannerisms. and speech, sounding exactly how Curtis would. What’s great is that even pretending to be one another, Curtis and Lohan have a lot of chemistry and play off one another, they’re quirky quick dialogue, hilarious one-liners, and opposite pairing is just great to watch. This film could have been made in various forms, but the writer and the director chose a way by which they can convey their message to the society while entertaining at the same time, which I personally think is a better option. While occasionally fluffy and cheesy and just brainless, this is a very good, very well-acted and laugh out loud funny remake.

TS Top 5: Lindsay Lohan Movies #3
The Parent Trap (1998)
Wonderful remake of the 1961 Hayley Mills film. This film is much more realistic, with better acting. It’s light, romantic, touching and downright funny. Lindsey Lohan is amazing as both Hallie and Annie—I really did think she was two people, she portrayed the two different characters fantastically. All the different characters in this movie are really funny as well, and there are no bad actors. Natasha Richardson and Dennis Quaid with that big, goofy, infectious smile, give the film its romance and maturity, without stepping on the fun-filled kid’s plot. This is simple, easy-to-watch family entertainment.

TS Top 5: Lindsay Lohan Movies #4
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (2004)
Lindsay played a girl who had multiple personalities and dreamed of starring in a Broadway show. It received mixed reviews for its unexciting plot. If you want to see this, don’t expect a deep and meaningful (or realistic) outlook on high school life because it is your everyday teen/high school comedy with the over-used story line of new girl vs popular girl then new girl gets the guy and brings popular girl down. On a better note, Lohan shined as the movie’s main character Mary/Lola. Lohan’s character was an entertaining one and I enjoyed watching her over-exaggerated perspective of things.